Reverse PFMEA solution to your needs

When Reverse PFMEA is needed?


Reverse PFMEA solution to your needs

Many customer complaints during the ramp-up phase?
Prevention/detection FMEA measures are not appropriate and effective?
Process FMEA does not include the specificities related to new products (labeling, handling, assembly, editing ...) and their diversity?

Reverse P-FMEA is a pragmatic solution to the above mentioned problems. It brings into conflict the FMEA studies carried out in the project phase (the forecast) with the industrial resources already set up (the reality in the field) to draw up an inventory of known and potential risks and to initiate an action plan to reduce these risks.

The human factors and the risks of the manufacturing process are assessed from the observations made in the field. This includes, as an example, the following investigations and actions:

  • Are the actions to control [the already identified] risks implemented and effective?
  • Are defective parts properly caught in the process?
  • Are the existing anti-error devices robust? Is there any risk of shunting them through production or maintenance?
  • Is the flow of defective parts under control?
  • Does the system detect and prevent failures from occurring again if you deliberately challenge processes by doing things wrong?
  • Are there new risks identified and confirmed by a failure simulation?

Why should we use Reverse P-FMEA?

The expected benefits for your company are:

  • Systematically loop back and update the Process FMEA ;
  • Secure the production start of a new product ;
  • Reduce risks and non-quality costs ;
  • Promote work in a multidisciplinary team ;
  • Organize feedback from the production site to the support functions.

EURO-SYMBIOSE supports you to organize and set up your Reverse P-FMEA. Please contact us for more details.