Last 22 December, Françoise Jasnault – CEO – and Eric Canu – deputy CEO – sold the business capital of Euro-Symbiose to Trigo Group. Approaching retirement (end of 2017), they indeed wanted to ensure the sustainability of the business and team. Their choice fell on Trigo, a multinational company providing operational quality management solutions for the manufacturing sector, especially in the automotive and aerospace industries. Partners for several years, Trigo is the best player to perpetuate the spirit and success of Euro-Symbiose while speeding up its development through a more international perspective.

How does it benefit you?

Euro-Symbiose maintains all its team and remains a stand-alone entity in synergy with Trigo. The integration of Euro-Symbiose within Trigo will allow to combine our services to offer more comprehensive solutions, ranging from audit and consulting training on quality issues, to the operational resolution of factory quality defaults. The services of Euro-Symbiose will therefore remain the same but can be completed by the skills and international dimension of Trigo.


  • A wider range of products, including:
    • operational solutions for the management of quality incidents;
    • representation of equipment manufacturers on assembly sites;
    • additional training courses.
  • A team of several thousands of professionals present in 20+ countries across 4 continents:
    • Western Europe: Spain, Portugal, Germany;
    • Eastern Europe: Hungary, Romania, Russia, Slovakia, the Czech Republic, Slovenia, Serbia, Turkey;
    • Africa: Morocco, Tunisia;
    • America: US, Canada, Brazil, Mexico;
    • Asia: China, India, Thailand.

Benoit Leblanc, Executive Vice President Europe of Trigo, said: « Trigo and Euro-Symbiose complement each other perfectly. From using Euro-Symbiose’s state-of-the-art methods to train suppliers to the latest OEM-specific quality requirements, to solving quality crises on the factory floor with Trigo’s engineers and inspectors, we can do it all! We welcome our new colleagues into Trigo and look forward to combining our capabilities to best support our clients. »

Françoise Jasnault, CEO, added: « This partnership with Trigo is a great outcome for Euro-Symbiose, which will now be able to offer clients an even wider set of quality improvement solutions, as well as giving them access to execution capabilities virtually anywhere in the world. It will also enable talented professionals in Euro-Symbiose’s team further development opportunities within Trigo, which is really exciting. »