Improvement of the suppliers’ quality – a strategic challenge for ADEO


Improvement of the suppliers' quality – a strategic challenge for ADEO

ADEO, MULLIEZ group holding, is specialised in the areas of home, living environment, sustainable homes, tools and DIY. Today, the group boasts a workforce of 87,000 employees in 12 countries and owns 15 retail chains among which there are Leroy Merlin, WELDOM or also BRICOMAN. ADEO is the third largest worldwide group in the international DIY market.

The ADEO group called on Euro-Symbiose to help it improving the suppliers’ quality in China and more precisely in Shanghai. But before to act directly into the group, Euro-Symbiose collaborated (and continue to do it) with Leroy-Merlin on the same thematic.

Leroy Merlin and Euro-Symbiose, a long-term collaboration

It is been three years that Euro-Symbiose has worked with Leroy-Merlin and more specifically on one of its sites in Croatia. For these three years, Euro-Symbiose provided services on the suppliers’ management quality.

Ms Danis, supplier quality manager at Leroy Merlin, told us about her impressions regarding the interventions of our consultant, Jon Foley, when he stepped in Croatia.

- How do you see the interventions of our consultant?

“It is been one year and half that we have worked with Jon and since soon we collaborate together on an important file which is to improve the Leroy Merlin suppliers in Croatia. The Jon advantages are that he has a real field experience and he knows how to act with a big professionalism. Because of this, he brings a real added value to tasks which are entrusted to him”.

- Which results did you noted after these interventions?

“A major change has been operated after the Euro-Symbiose intervention. It impacts directly a particular supplier of Leroy Merlin which coped with a real product quality problematic. The diagnostic and action plan recommended by Jon allowed to deeply eradicate the reasons of this no-performance. Leroy Merlin could observe a significate improvement of the product quality delivered by this supplier”.

ADEO called on Euro-Symbiose after the interventions done in Croatia

It is in the prolongation of our interventions with Leroy Merlin that we have been requested in order to act in the ADEO group in Shanghai.

The needs of the group are also linked to the improvement of the supplier quality for which we contribute to the setting up of an SQA approach (Supplier Quality Assurance).

- What are the operational objectives of this approach?

  1. Gaining the skill of external auditor;
  2. Knowing how to detect the improvement sources of the performance and risk control to the supplier;
  3. Understanding the wining-wining approach supplier/customer.

- How does this approach concretely implement with our consultant?

The approach unfold by working sessions with the purchasing and quality actors on site.

During one week, we built first of all, an analysis of the current performance of suppliers thanks to figures. Thanks to this analysis, a new vision has been introduced to suppliers in order that they could share these data, and become aware of their performance level and snap the improvement of this one.

Moreover during this weeks, activities on the site of two suppliers have been planned in order to implement the SQA approach, directly, on the field and to train to correctly audit.

In a second time, the ADEO teams could consolidate their SQA approach thanks to the use of tools such as FMEA (Failure Mode and Effect Analysis) or to the monitoring plans.

- The results expected by ADEO

The results which are expected by ADEO are approximatively the same than those which have been observed in Croatia by Leroy Merlin. Indeed, the group would like that the performance and quality of their suppliers are improved by the way of teams more skillful in the development of supplier performance.