Testimony of Michel Ageorges, supported in his new job of Quality Manager

  • A few words about Stéphanie’s support?

« The support helped me a lot. Stephanie has a good ability to pass on her skills and knowledge, and supported me in my actions to implement. »

  • What did you take away from it?

« I learned how to boost those involved in the quality system and, more generally, how to galvanize the quality within our society. »

  • What was the added value of this coaching?

« Stéphanie’s support put me at ease and allowed me to approach this new position in a far more serene way. Before the coaching, I had some uncertainties and shadow points, whereas now, I have a good working methodology: I know in what order and where I have to carry out the actions. »

  • Since then, how do you live your assignment?

« The mission is going well. Since the last intervention of Stephanie, we passed an ISO audit and an ATEX audit that went very well. I now attend the Executive Committee meetings where I use the strategy points given by Stephanie, and I have quite a good collaboration with the other actors within the quality system. »