Training programs

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  • Aeronautic sector - Euro-Symbiose
    Aeronautic sector
    Among the Euro-Symbiose training offers, some programs are specifically dedicated to the Aeronautic, aerospace and defence industries, in which the quality (...) published
  • Automotive sector - Euro-Symbiose
    Automotive sector
    Partner of the FIEV and IATF France for several years, Euro-Symbiose designed and developed, for the benefit of industry players (manufacturers, Rank 1 and (...) published
  • Other industries - Euro-Symbiose
    Other industries
    Whether our customers are specialized in the luxury industry, agricultural machinery, petrochemicals or even naval construction, our training courses (...) published
  • Services - Euro-Symbiose
    Our customers are from all sectors: banking, insurance, real estate companies, luxury, logistics platforms, cosmetics, food, etc. We have designed and (...) published
  • Social and medico-social sector - Euro-Symbiose
    Social and medico-social sector
    Players of the social and medico-social sector, whether it is for an internal or external evaluation, or for a project, quality or team management, we (...) published