Product safety representative in the automotive market

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2 days

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The crucial question about the product safety and the liability for these products concerns beyond the manufacturers, all the supply chain.

These one have to respect beyond the national and international legislations, the contractual requirements specified by the manufacturers such as the VW group in the “formal Q” which stipulate suppliers are required to appoint and provide their production site a “Product Safety Representative”.

The objective is to:
- To detect the risks as concern of the liability through the entire product development process, thanks to a targeted technical expertise.
- To eliminate or at least minimize these risks during the product development and to control them thanks to a suitable approach.

The product safety representative is the expert and the contact point for managers and customers, it is the legal representative when the product liability is involved, he/she follows the product within the company and on the market. In that, the product safety representative has to reconcile the legal and regulatory requirements and those specific to customers.

The thorough and assimilated knowledge of these various activities and their execution requires qualification and information of the product safety representative.


- To understand the necessity of a product risk management approach.
- To identify the role of product safety representative.
- To control the activities/tasks to do as part of this mission
- To justify a training to the PSR mission, recognized by the WV group.

For who?

Colleagues in position or who are about to become a product safety representative.

Prerequisites to achieve the maximum success of this training:
- A quality management experience in the automotive sector, and particularly in the returns processing and claims for compensation.
- A training and experience in the technical product evaluation and process risks (example: FMEA facilitator, VDA 6.3 production process auditor, product developer).
- Knowledge of the use of your products’ company, as well as the condition of technology art.
- Basic knowledge and understanding of requirements from applicable legislations and customer requirements.


- The teaching alternates between presentation sequences and role-playing through simulation exercises or group analysis which are then shared.
- At the end of the training a training certificate recognized by Volkswagen AG will be given to the trainee.

Which resources?

Participant’s file which includes the presentations delivered during the training.


Module 1: the reasons of the necessity of a PSR?

1. Overview of the legislation
2. The technical rules recognized and state-of-the-art
3. In-depth study of regulatory requirements
4. The information sources on internet
5. The relevant norms of management systems

Module 2: the key elements of a risk control system, including results

1. Identifying these key elements
2. Updating the key documents
3. Detecting the key activities
4. Making the link

Module 3: the product safety management and product safety representative role

1. The management system of product safety
2. The key element of this system
3. Implementing the management activities of product safety
4. Roles, authorities and liabilities within the company to assume the product liability and security
5. Management of key features

Module 4: “Lessons Learned”, classification of risks and activities to do

1. What is the “Lessons Learned”?
2. Gathering the data/information of the market
3. Evaluating and summarizing
4. Observing and informing
5. Risk classification (how to respond?)
6. Documentation (revaluation and report)
7. Applied exercise on a case study

Module 5: the requirements of Volkswagen related to the product safety representative
1. The group platform: http://www.vwgroupsupply.com
2. Formal Q and applicable documents
3. Instructions


2 days

Type de formation
1 550,00 Euros HT par participant (les déjeuners sont offerts)