Writing: Maelise ROBERT, EURO-SYMBIOSE’s communications officer, Stéphanie BAZIN EURO-SYMBIOSE’s Senior Consultant, TOTAL PETROCHEMICALS France.


In this article, you will discover how we can support you in the realization of strategic projects such as the revitalization and simplification of your management system, while guaranteeing the maintenance of your current ISO certifications.


Following several trainings of internal auditors and process pilots carried out on the site, the TOTAL PETROCHEMICALS France teams of Carling (57) requested EURO-SYMBIOSE again to accompany them in their project of revitalization of the QHSEE management system (Quality, Health, Safety, Environment, Energy).

The system is certified ISO 9001, ISO 14001, ISO 50001 and IATF 16949 and the renewal audit was successfully passed in April 2021.

Discover the mission carried out by Stéphanie BAZIN, EURO-SYMBIOSE consultant, in collaboration with the site management, the HSEI&Q manager, the process pilots and the project manager.






First of all, an assessment of the situation raised several issues: a complex cartography made up of too many processes (25 in total), process management practices that were not always efficient and often disconnected from operations, a lack of coherence with the Lean approach undertaken in parallel, but also a disconnection between the processes and the site’s strategy.

It was important to act because having too many processes limits responsiveness, requires too many operating resources and leads to a lack of motivation of the company’s collaborators.


The project named “SEED SIMPLE” has been launched! Here are the key phases:

  • September 2020: Official launch of the project with a seminar attended by the extended CODIR to define the new processes and lay the foundations for the new performance management system. “During this busy day, which I led jointly with the site director and the project manager, we revived interest in the management system, since it was now in line with operational and strategic reality… and the processes decreased from 25 to 11! ” explains Stéphanie BAZIN.
  • September to December 2020: The work of redesigning the management system was able to proceed thanks to the involvement of the company’s collaborators (process pilots in particular), the unfailing support of the site’s top management and the efficiency of the project manager. Therefore, the system has a solid but sufficiently flexible base to allow an effective and efficient continuous improvement approach.
  • January 2021: “During a “green” day, we organized a management review that was much more participative than before.  The challenge was high because the management review is often perceived as a difficult and boring exercise! “says Stéphanie BAZIN. The day was divided into two parts: the morning was dedicated to the assessment of the year 2020 and the afternoon to the future (new strategic axes and improvement perspectives for each process). Thanks to a very participative animation mode (several workshops in small groups had been planned), the exchanges were very rich between the participants and tracks of optimization between interacting processes could be identified!


The mission continued with:

  • The management of the different processes,
  • Training of new process pilots,
  • Revitalization of the internal auditors team on a half-day seminar in March 2021





Thanks to the support of EURO-SYMBIOSE and the involvement of the different actors of the site, we have noted several very positive results:

  • 11 new processes with a much stronger customer focus,
  • Confidence regained in the usefulness of the system based on management by process,
  • Understanding of the added value of process-based management,
  • Reduction of the resources needed to operate the system due to the reduction of the number of processes,
  • Review of the process management mode: more regular during the year and therefore less cumbersome,
  • More direct link with the strategy for process management.


… And after a week of certification audit in April, the test was confirmed as the two external auditors indicated that the SEED Simple project was a huge strength, and that it could serve as a benchmark for other sites in the group!


Our clients testify to their satisfaction:


“When we decided to embark on our project to redefine our process mapping and associated management methods, we didn’t really know where to start.

Indeed, it is always difficult to take a step back from something that we have been doing on a daily basis for several years. The stakes were even higher, since this request for simplification had been initiated by the employees of our site. There were therefore many expectations regarding this project.

We called upon the company EURO-SYMBIOSE with whom we had already had the opportunity to work for trainings essentially.  Their proposal seemed to us very complete and answering perfectly to our needs, we had been heard.

This support was a real help and allowed us to structure our project. We benefited from the consultant’s expertise while keeping a maximum of autonomy on all the decisions to be taken. The regular meetings throughout the project allowed us to pace it to reach our final goal. The timing was very tight! ”  

Laetitia SEICHEPINE, Assistant Coordinator HSE Administration, CSSCT and Management Systems


“Our system and the associated process map, which had not changed radically despite the profound evolution of our site’s activities, were becoming too cumbersome to use by the organization’s actors.

Our external ISO auditors had themselves pointed out this problem and it was becoming urgent to modify our system.

As we were already working with EURO-SYMBIOSE for the training of our process pilots and our internal auditors, we asked EURO-SYMBIOSE to accompany us in this process and to benefit from an external viewpoint as well as from a recognized expertise in the field.

After nearly a year of intense work, especially for the complete overhaul of our processes, we can already see the effectiveness of this personalized support and measure the first effects of the simplification achieved.

The audit for the renewal of our certifications at the end of April 2021 has confirmed this. We have approached this stage with more serenity thanks to the approach we have taken together.” 

Sébastien TESTUT, HSEI&Q Manager

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