EURO-SYMBIOSE, 30 years of expertise in Internal QHSE Audit and Pre-certification Audit

  • Internal System / Product / Process audits,
  • Third party supplier audit,
  • Blank audits in preparation for certification.


EN9100 certification programme :

« That’s it, MBDA is now EN9100 certified! If we take stock of these 14 months spent preparing for the audit, they were very positive. This preparation allowed us to recall the quality principles that had been forgotten for some or that were unknown for others, and to communicate around them. Many Qualiticians were able to brush up on their skills, and only an event like this could do that. Also, we thank the whole EURO-SYMBIOSE team for helping us in this phase of knowledge and information on EN 9100. It has allowed us to instil the dynamics necessary for the smooth running of our work groups as well as for the dissemination of messages to all MBDA personnel. We must now continue the effort and maintain the improvement actions. »

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