SPC (Statistical Process Control) will provide operators with the means to quickly and inexpensively identify process malfunctions in order to implement corrective actions. This prevents a large number of non-conforming products from being manufactured:

  • In the industrialisation phase, SPC allows you to check that your process is capable of meeting the customer’s requirements;
  • In life cycle production, it allows you to react before non-conformities appear.

“SPC Basics” is a fun and interactive module that will enable you to:

  • Name the key elements of a control chart;
  • Interpret a simple control chart;
  • Check the capability of a process.

This 30-minute module is aimed at all employees wishing to acquire basic knowledge of SPC.

Why choose the E-learning format?

E-learning is a particularly suitable solution for :

  • transmitting information in a uniform manner to a large number of people
  • -Reducing costs (no accommodation or travel expenses);
  • Adapting to the pace and constraints of learners;
  • Companies with multiple sites.

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