Concerned about the health of its employees and customers, the TRIGO Group and EURO-SYMBIOSE have been closely keeping up with the situation since the outbreak of COVID-19.

As a preventative measure for our employees and trainees, we have strengthened the measures barriers against this epidemic:

  • We strictly apply all measures decided by the World Health Organization and our French Government.
  • In addition, the EURO-SYMBIOSE HSE working group, including the elected members of the CSE (Social & Economical Committee), has been working on the risk assessment of our activities.
  • Our HSE Risk Assessment document has been updated and a protocol of strengthened measures has been released.


Find below the instructions and recommendations that were sent to all Consultants and interns of our trainings.


Reminder: symptoms of COVID-19:


COVID-19 can be manifested by the following symptoms: fever, cough, headache, soreness, unusual fatigue, sudden loss of smell, total loss of taste. In more serious forms, COVID-19 can cause respiratory difficulties that can lead to hospitalization in resuscitation or even death.

COVID19 is very contagious. Note that some people are asymptomatic, without symptoms but contagious.


In case of signs of infection with COVID-19:


1. Isolate the person in a room and put a mask to the person.

2. If there is no sign of distress, ask the person to contact his referring doctor or other doctor immediately, and then arrange home’s return, depending on the medical opinion.

3. If there is a sign of distress, contact Emergency health services immediately.

4. Ventilate work’s area and disinfect all surfaces and objects where the person has evolved.

5. Immediately notify your Manager in order to assess the risk, implement his guidelines and the adapted tracking process for people who have been in contact.


Self-monitoring: protecting yourself and others


Before the training session, we invite each trainee to be attentive to the possible first occurrence of COVID-19 symptoms.

In case of doubt, it is requested to:

  • Do not travel to the training site or work location.
  • Immediately notify your Manager of your absence and the state evolution of his health.
  • Immediately contact your referring doctor or emergency health services if there are signs of worsening.


> The EURO-SYMBIOSE Consultant will take his temperature and that of the participants with a non-contact forehead thermometer at the beginning of each session and every day for on-site training.


Strict guidelines to protect all participants


  • Wearing a mask is mandatory when circulating on the premises: Provide a mask upon arrival.
  • Respect the rule of social distancing of 1m minimum.
  • Wearing of the mask is compulsory for the trainees once they are seated in their place.
  • EURO-SYMBIOSE will provide each trainee with a surgical mask at the beginning of each 1/2 day.


  • The EURO-SYMBIOSE Consultant will wear a mask OR a visor with a minimum distance of 2m with the trainees.
  • The training rooms are arranged in order to respect the rules of social distancing: adapted layout of the tables.
  • Avoid any physical contact when greeting each other: no handshaking and hugging.
  • Wash your hands regularly: hydro-alcoholic gel is available.
  • Cough or sneeze into your elbow.
  • Use disposable tissues.
  • Avoid touching your eyes, nose or mouth or mask from the front.


Reinforced cleaning with disinfection of contact surfaces :


In all EURO-SYMBIOSE’s premises, cleaning companies use disinfectants and strengthen the cleaning of floors and all contact surfaces (door handles, window handles, cupboard handles, switches, trash cans, tables, chairs, etc.).

Cleaning with disinfectants will be done before and after each training day in the training room.

Disinfecting wipes are available in the training room.



Breaks and meals


Meals will be delivered by a caterer and eaten in the training room, everyone in his place. Individual water bottles, cups and cakes in individual packaging will be provided.




Coffee machine:

  • Systematic disinfection of coffee machine buttons, or thermos handle before and after each use.
  • Only the trainer uses the coffee machine or the thermos, and places the cups, 1 m away from the trainees OR each participant will take turns having their coffee.
  • Trainees who sweeten their coffee/tea, will use single-use spoon.


During the breaks:

  • Everyone remains in their place in the training room.
  • Wear a mask to move.
  • Respect the maximum number of people in the break zone.


Awareness of trainees at the beginning of training:


EURO-SYMBIOSE’s Consultant will begin the training by reminding safety instructions and reinforced barrier measures, in order to:

  • Define the rules to be followed during training.
  • Take into account the rules specific to the training place.
  • Define the adaptations to be implemented during the intervention to prevent any risk of contamination (working groups, post-it, pens, breaks, etc.)

Handling of documents will be limited by opting as much as possible for dematerialization OR cleaning hands after manipulation.


Work in sub-groupes with paperboard :

  • 2 trainees max / paperboard.
  • Respect of 1 m distance.
  • 1 disinfected felt provided to each trainee.


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