September 2019, EURO-SYMBIOSE and KNOWLLENCE are joining forces to offer a solution adapted to the new FMEA AIAG-VDA method.

Two complementary entities

EURO-SYMBIOSE supports its customers in their search for efficiency and performance improvement. Training on reference systems, methods and tools has been part of the company’s DNA for over 30 years.

KNOWLLENCE, a software editor in the field of risk management and design methodologies, has a recognized experience and competence in the development of business software and in supporting companies, particularly in the implementation of FMEA software solutions.

The new FMEA manual AIAG-VDA, published last June, complicates the FME

A approach in companies. In order to better meet their customers’ needs, EURO-SYMBIOSE and KNOWLLENCE have decided to collaborate in order to propose efficient global solutions.

The FMEA experts of our two companies have come together to ensure a common understanding of the standard and agree on the best practices to be implemented. Thus, the FMEA software proposed by KNOWLLENCE has been customized to be in perfect adequacy with the method taught during EURO-SYMBIOSE trainings, which will facilitate the deployment in companies after the training.

The training and the software are available in French and English, an opportunity for international companies to harmonize the practices of their different sites.

Thanks to this partnership, EURO-SYMBIOSE and KNOWLLENCE are once again committed to operational excellence and customer satisfaction.


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