The formation “PSR: Product Safety Representative”, initially created by the VDA QMC at the request of the VOLKSWAGEN Group, has evolved since the beginning of 2019 into “PSCR: Product Safety and Conformity Representative”. It introduces the concept of product integrity, which brings together product safety and regulatory conformity, i.e. production conformity (CoP) for product marketing authorization.

This VDA QMC training is now approved by all German manufacturers (VOLKSWAGEN, DAIMLER, BMW Groups) and is based on a new VDA “Product Integrity” manual.

The critical issue of product safety and regulatory conformity affects the entire automotive supply chain. Therefore, legal product liability is not only a manufacturer’s responsibility, but must be considered throughout the product life cycle.

In order to know (i) the mission and responsibilities of a PSCR, (ii) how to effectively implement the risk control measures guaranteeing the safety of the products delivered, and (iii) how to respond to the numerous internal and external requests (customers, authorities, …), it is necessary to be trained and qualified.

The VDA QMC has developed a manual and a training course that summarize all these provisions.

EURO-SYMBIOSE, partner of the VDA QMC, provides this qualifying training. Discover the training program.

  • Recommanded for : Future product safety and conformity managers.
  • Duration: 2 days
  • Diploma: Certificate of qualification.
  • The new manual is provided during the training.
  • Objectives of the “PSCR” training:

- Identify the role of the PSCR and their responsibilities throughout the supply chain, from development to manufacturing to use to intended end of life.
- Be able to manage the role of the PSCR on a daily basis in a more professional and focused manner.
-Justify a product safety qualification recognized by the German manufacturers.

At the end of the training, the participant will also have all the cards in hand to sensitize and develop a real awareness, with all the actors potentially having an impact on the safety of products.

The participants testify :


“Good sensitization and awareness. Essential training. Repositioning in the VW ecosystem appreciated.”


“An important and very interesting training in terms of the company’s responsibility for the safety of its products.”


“Very complete, dynamic, concrete and interactive training!”

Our consultants testify:

“During the round table discussion at the beginning of the training, the trainees all admit that they come to this training under pressure to meet their customers’ requirements, before a customer or IATF audit, or even worse, to respond to a deviation following an audit.

Generally, they are unaware of the legal and penal consequences, and think they are safe by delivering products that comply with the specifications, or think that only companies that design and manufacture safety parts are concerned.

They all leave the training with a long list of actions to implement in their company, starting with raising awareness of the subject among their management.”

You are already trained in ” PSR “, go further with the PSCR upgrade

EURO-SYMBIOSE strongly advises you to complete your initial PSCR training with a one-day upgrade.

This ” Upgrade ” is specifically adapted to the requirements of the daily practice of a PSCR. Through five modules, the central themes of product integrity (safety and legal conformity) throughout the life cycle of the product are explored and the activities to be carried out are deepened.

Discover the training program.


  • PSR trained within the last 2 years following the former VDA-QMC PSR module or directly by the VW Group.
  • Knowledge of quality management in the automotive sector.

Why register?

By participating in this upgrade, the trainee goes beyond his initial PSR training, as it allows him to obtain a qualification recognized by all German manufacturers.

she will be enriched by a module focused on the daily activities of the PSCR and by the exchanges with the other participants, which will allow him to: expand his knowledge to better fulfill his function as PSCR and to identify new courses of action to further reduce safety-related risks.

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